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Our transcriptionists are certified!


Just a few reasons to choose Final Draft for your transcription needs:

  • Final Draft is your time-saving solution.  We can handle your administrative work so you can concentrate on more important business.

  • Proficient in medical, legal and complex transcription.

  • Professional-grade formatting on all documents.

  • We ensure your files look great!

  • Accurate time coding references in your transcript.

  • Quick turnaround on projects – ideal for demanding deadlines.

Final Draft transcriptionists have attained certification with the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT). 

Certification requires 98% accuracy.  Rest assured we will deliver high quality work that is letter perfect. 



Your information is always secure. In regard to medical transcriptions, all digital recordings are maintained in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Our staff is well versed in HIPAA rules and go through rigorous training. Confidentiality is key! 


Send documents from any device. We accept all types of media for conversion into digital format, including cassettes, digital wav files, CDs, DVDs, video, etc.


We've even kept our old faithful Selectric typewriter handy for those rare occasions when you just need a form filled in!

Contact us to discuss pricing, special instructions, and any other arrangements.

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