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Services provided:

 -  Depositions                                                        

 -  Day in the life videos                                          

 -  Preconstruction & post-construction site inspections

 -  Corporate Meetings/Events

 -  Interviews

 -  Witness Preparation

 -  Living Wills

 -  Conferences/Seminars


Legal videography has become an important part of many legal proceedings. Our videographers are certified by the National Court Reporters Association and will produce professional recordings essential to many cases that comply with State and Federal Rules of Civil Procedures. 


Our cameraman knows how to get it right the first time!

Final Draft understands and appreciates the time and expense involved in deposing witnesses and will ensure the highest-quality, recording for you to take to trial. Here is what you can expect from us:


-  We will arrive early to set up for the deposition.

-  Use of state-of-the-art equipment.

-  Provide professional lighting at the jobsite, if necessary.

-  Proceedings handled in accordance with NCRA guidelines.

-  Rates include travel (over 25 miles will incur additional charges),     set up/take down, video and back-up audio recording, and          

  one complete copy for the requesting attorney or court reporter.


Our high definition cameras capture vibrant video using tapeless acquisition which allows for uninterrupted video.  In addition to crisp audio and live mic capture of individual channels, your media can be presented on DVD, Blu-ray, flash drives or direct download from our secure FTP. Video can also allow you to analyze the witness’s demeanor under direct questioning and observe their body language instead of reading a transcript of their prepared statements.

Our equipment is versatile.  Working with Final Draft gives you options.  Want to film something in crisp detail?  We can do high-definition for when you want to see everything.  Need continuous shooting?  We can shoot for up to eight hours, non-stop. These are just some examples of our flexibility and we are happy to answer any questions.


Highlights include:


Tapeless acquisition. No need to worry about losing a tape;
  everything is digital.

• Multiple capture backups, for reassurance.

• Cameras with the ability to shoot in standard and high-definition,        long, and uninterrupted run-times--

   480p – Up to 512 minutes/8 continuous hours

   720p – Up to 320 minutes/5 continuous hours

  1080i – Up to 128 minutes/2 continuous hours

We'll use only the best camera equipment for your project!
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