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A virtual office provides the option to meet away from home.


Terms Available:  6 months or 12 months

Payment:  Quarterly, semi-annually or annually



Prestigious West Loop Address 

Personal Mail Box

Mail Delivery and Forwarding

Main Lobby Receptionist


*Professional secretarial and administrative support services

*Incoming and outgoing fax transmission

*Additional fees apply

Virtual Office

The Virtual Office has been known for many years by several different terms in the business community, most commonly they have been referred to as Business Identities and Corporate Identities.


If you are running a business from your home, you probably do not want your home address used as a business address.  Most owners want a more professional appearance and the option to meet away from home. This enables them the convenience, safety and security of meeting at a building location.

Once your business expands, you may decide later to actually occupy one of the offices available at our location to avoid the time and expense of changing your mailing address or telephone, but may remain firmly established where it began.


Using our service gives your business a suite number, where you can receive packages.  You also have 24-hour access and can request notification when a package has arrived.  Post office boxes have the additional drawback of not allowing you to receive packages because couriers won’t deliver to a P.O. Box.

Having a stable image is essential to many businesses and Final Draft Business Support Services provides just such support.  Whether starting your own business or having already established your business from your home office, a virtual office has many benefits.



While the advantages of working from a home/virtual office may seem obvious to you, there are probably even more benefits that you have not thought of:

•  Environmental benefits from not driving a motor vehicle in slow-moving traffic

•  Reduction in stress levels from not having to drive in congested traffic to and
   from work

•  Time and money saved on gas, wear and tear on your car and business

•  Managing your time more effectively

•  Ability to work when you are most productive



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